Forget me not

Forget me not – trailer

Gilda is a middle aged woman, mother and wife. One day she realizes she’s having problems setting the table. These are her first symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Through family footage and poetic visions, the stages of her illness become a stream of images on the breach of oblivion.

By purchasing the film you will contribute to the realisation of a research project at the Regional Centre for Cerebral Aging in Selvazzano Dentro (PD). Part of the revenues will be donated to scientific research and to the care of Alzheimer’s patients.

Festivals / MakeDox (Skopje, Macedonia) | Minikino Film Week – Bali International Film Festival (Bali, Indonesia) | Visioni dal Mondo (Milano, Italia) | Sedicicorto Forlì International Film Festival (Forlì, Italia) | Prisma Film Festival (Roma, Italia) | The Pigeon International Film Festival (Isafjorður, Islanda) | Mescalito Biopic Fest (Roma, Italia) | Visioni Italiane (Bologna, Italia) | Verona International Film Festival (Verona, Italia) | Segni della Notte (Urbino, Italia) | Super Shorts Los Angeles (Los Angeles, USA)

Awards / Visioni dal Mondo (Milano, Italy) – special mention | Mescalito Biopic Fest (Roma, Italy) – best short | Prisma Film Festival – best editing | Verona International Film Festival – best experimental short | Segni della Notte – best Italian short | Super Shorts Los Angeles – best underground short

Directed by: Fabio Marin, Giuseppe Petruzzellis
Produced by: APLYSIA
Distributed by: Tersite Film, UAM TV, Mescalito Film
With: Gilda Zanin, Vittoria Callegaro, Nicoletta Martinisi, Gianni Marin, Martina Marin, Enrico Marin, Fabio Marin
Narrator: Carola Minincleri Colussi
Music: Wang Fan, Yaprak Kurtsal
Cinematography: Francesco Saverio Valentino, Giuseppe Petruzzellis
Mix: Davide Saggioro

Genre: Short documentary / Experimental
Running time: 12′
Year: 2021

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